Monday, 19 November 2012

Trip to Brevard Zoo in Florida


It isn't often that I get to travel these days, what with my grueling graduate schedule and teaching TESOL students. However, last month I got to experience one of Florida's natural treasures, the Brevard Zoo. I had previously heard about the Brevard Zoo from some coworkers, and my fiancé, who was boasting about the zoo's reputation as being of the country's best. Let's be honest, when I think of the best zoos in the Unites States, the first zoo that comes to mind is Cincinnati Zoo (I'm from Ohio),  and a close second is San Diego Zoo.

I travelled with my fiance, his son, and my future mother in law to Brevard, anxiously anticipating a wonderful day with hundreds of unique species.  For starters it was unbearably hot, so I knew the animals wouldn't be out much. Upon looking at the map, I was under the impression that the acreage would allow for a greater variety of species, and it did not. Trust me, looking at another gator is like looking at a squirrel. They're everything here! There was, however a beautiful cotton top Tamarin, Lion Tamarin, and a Pygmy Marmoset.

Don't get me wrong, if you have small children I'm sure they would enjoy this zoo, but for zoo connoisseurs like myself, I was less than impressed. I did save $3.00 on admission the day I went, and I'm glad, because I would have never paid the admission price otherwise.

I managed to take some pretty great shots of the animals they do have at the zoo, but as far as the variety of species you'll see in these shots, I'm sure you can name most of them. As far as my anthropology background goes, I like to think that know a great deal about New and Old World monkeys and apes, so the fact that all the children were running around calling the apes monkeys,  drove me incredibly nuts, but hey, that's for their teacher and their parents to clarify, if they know the difference. Monkey's have tails!

Suffice it to say, it was at least a wonderful time spent with the family and I got a break from research.



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