Saturday, 13 October 2012

Injuries While Traveling: What You Should Be Prepared For


I have a friend who attended Oregon State University and every summer he would take a break from his studies and explore the landscapes of Oregon. He is an extreme adventurer and he has found himself in many sticky situations. He's a dare devil at heart and he spent years as a fire jumper, which is one of many exciting and dangerous professions he has held. He likes to send me pictures of his war wounds. He considers them badges of honor, but they are more than terrifying to me, who would rather ride the couch than scale a mountain.

Just last summer, he was traveling and working along side a young man doing odd jobs, like tree lopping, for some local contractors, and he fell from the top of a tree onto his back. He was immediately sent to the hospital, and when he finally left, he was met with an enormous bill he could not pay. He has no health insurance, which is not something you should be without when you take the risks he does, however it was up to his employer to ensure that he was provided equipment that would keep him safe.

After a long fight with the contractor about paying his medical bills, which the contractor decided was not his responsibility since this work was essentially freelance, he decided to meet with a personal injury lawyer Corvallis. The lawyer discussed his options for a settlement, which is something the contractor agreed upon after the threat of a lawsuit, and my friend was finally compensated for his injuries.

Although this is an extreme case of injuries while traveling, you need to consider your options prior to traveling, just in case something should happen to you. You should speak to a lawyer about coverage or possibly personal injury issues which may arise if you are injured in or outside of the country.



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