Friday, 18 May 2012

Love in Cappadocia, Turkey


Cappadocia (Kapadokya in Turkish) is a region of exceptional natural wonders, none more so than the giant monuments left by Mother Nature in Love Valley. Situated in the very heart of modern day Turkey this natural wonder sits on a high plateau over a thousand meters in altitude. Rainfall is sparse in this area and the place has hot dry summers and bitterly cold snowy winters. There is little rainfall and so the region is generally arid. In this environment these huge phallic natural structures seems like some sort of ancient homage to male fertility. However, they are far from man-made despite the possible resemblance to manhood.

[Thanks RJ]



Covert Housewife said...
28 May 2012 at 03:15  

Nice! We're planning on going in June. Looking at what we absolutely need to see while in Cappadocia. Any tips?

Lauren Axelrod said...
29 May 2012 at 11:10  

Personally, I always lean towards the historic sites and archaeological digs being an Anthro student, so it's more like manual labor than a vacation lol. I know there are some amazing spas with Turkish baths that you could check out.

Check out Trip Advisor. They have a great list of attractions.

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