Friday, 18 May 2012

Historic Sites to Visit in Central Jersey


It has been a world wind year for me as I just graduated from school with my anthropology degree and I now have time to visit some historic sites in Central Jersey. It may come as a surprise to many of you, but most of my relatives have been living in New Jersey since I was small child. My grandfather would always bring be to sulky races and to the shore and my grandmother would bring me antiquing. Yes, I was a bit young for these activities but I think I knew even then that my passion for history, agriculture, and horses would somehow translate to what I do now.

One my favorite attractions and historic sites to visit in Central Jersey is the Historic Longstreet Farm. I always got a kick out of petting the animals and attending all of the festivals they hold throughout the year. One of those special events includes "Celebrate the Shore", which is an interactive show and tell program. Kids and adults can learn about coastal animals like whales, dolphins, crabs, and even plankton.

If you like old historic towns then you'll love East Jersey Olde Towne Village. The town reminds me of St. Augustine, which I love, with an old mercantile, churches, and many 18th and 19th century architectural structures reminiscent of Central New Jersey's merchant and farming community. The individuals who maintain this village, moving buildings from other sites as well as maintaining the structures that have been there for centuries, have crafted an educational experience for tourists and residents. The Village is dedicated to teaching the history, traditions, folk arts and craftsmanship of the people who lived and worked throughout the region.

Central New Jersey is so much more than night life and youngsters looking to dance the night away. There is a real sense of community and culture, heritage and pride, and all those qualities that make Central New Jersey one of a kind.



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