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Dubbo Zoo - hotels and accommodation


I've visited several zoos around the globe, with the hopes of encountering endangered species that many will never have the chance to see in their natural habitat. There's one particular zoo, one in which I haven't seen firsthand, which was brought to my attention by a friend who visited Sydney several years ago. The Taronga Western Plains Zoo  is a combination of amazing encounters with Koala bears, as well as observing Asian Elephants frolicking in the mud in the wallow. Consequently, the zoo is known worldwide for its conservation of the coral reefs, black rhino, meerkats, and tigers, amongst many other species. The Taronga Zoos have won countless tourism awards which have, essentially,  shed light on wildlife conservation.

If you're traveling to the Taronga Zoos, there are several options for Dubbo hotels and accommodation, and many of them, have wonderful ratings through AAA. Rates range anywhere from $141.00 a night to $112.00, and less. The hotels provide basic amenities to provide you comfort and a good night's sleep. After all, you'll be spending two consecutive days at the zoo, so you'll need a comfy bed. All of the hotels and accommodations are family friendly and are run by reliable, recognizable companies. Regardless of where you decide to stay, you'll have something to look forward to the morning. I mean, who could pass up some meerkat pups exploring their abode, or their parents, sunning themselves in all their glory in a Buddha pose. Gotta love these guys!

Facts About the Taronga Zoos

  • Did you know that you can obtain a Certificate III in Captive Animals? This certificate is essential for those of you looking into Zoology or Marine Biology. 
  • Taronga Western Plains Zoo has several samples of the Great Barrior Reef on display in their frozen zoo.
  • Taronga has committed to the long term support of Wildlife Protection Units in the Sumatran Tiger’s habitat to help reduce illegal logging and poaching.

Zoo Info

Taronga Zoo is open every day of the year, including Christmas Day from 9am to 4pm. The entry fee includes two consecutive days’ admission and last entry to the Zoo circuit is at 3pm.

Adults $46
Children (4-15 years) $23
Children under 4 go free



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