Thursday, 3 November 2011

Renting an Apartment in Calgary


Over the next coming year, my fiance and I will be planning our move up north. We have both come to an agreement about the area, but University of Calgary came up in a conversation when my fiance received an offer in the mail to continue graduate work there. Personally, I've never been to Canada and I wasn't exactly familiar with the universities, as I hadn't considered them for my academic discipline. I proceeded to tell my fiance that we would have to visit prior to him applying, and I figured looking into Calgary apartments for rent would be my first stop.

Mind you, I'm quite finicky about the sites I use for information, and especially for finding new housing, so my first, and only, stop was at a top rental site called Rent Calgary. This site offers visitors the most up to date home, townhouse and apartment information and availability. It's a user friendly site so be afraid to look around. Once you click the area of Calgary you want to move to, you'll be presented with photos, descriptions, and prices of the houses, apartments, and town homes available for rent in that area. You can sort the results by price, bedroom, bath and square footage. It only takes a moment to find a new home in a location you'll love.



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