Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Luxury Inclusive Holidays at WexasTravel


I tend to be set in my ways when it comes to travel sites. When planning a trip, I navigate to the last site I booked my holiday or plane tickets on. Why? I appreciate excellent service and I know how the process works. There’s a but of course. There’s a difference between just booking a plane ticket or a hotel and Tailor Made Holidays. WexasTravel provides a service like no travel sites I’ve ever seen. You provide them the requirements for your holiday, where you want to go and what you’d like to see, and their travel specialists form the perfect trip based on your specifications. Whether you’d like to travel around the world or go on an African Safari and stay in a rainforest, all your desires can be realized.

Luxury Holidays, albeit you might assume they’re more expensive, are more reasonable and attainable than you might think. Independent travel sites are more capable of providing you a one on one experience for all of your travel needs. Consequently, travel clubs are also available for business or family travelers, thus allowing you access to a tailor made holiday you’d never receive on ordinary travel sites. Impartial advice is provided to you on the best flights, hotels and tours and if you’re concerned with a sustainable vacation, sites like WEXAS provide this experience as well.

As a champion for heritage around the globe, I was more than impressed with the fact that WEXAS works directly with environmental groups and local communities, thus limiting the impact of tourism on the environment. Not only will you get All Inclusive Holidays for a competitive price, but your conscience will be comforted in the fact that your trip will not impact the local fauna and environment.

Whether you aspire to trek through the mountains of Peru; take a tour of the Hawaiian Islands; frolic with the lemurs on Madagascar; stay in a wildlife preserve or tour the sacred site of Petra, travel specialists who plan your trip according to what YOU want are more valuable to me than saving some pocket change with a site that’s convenient, but not personal. Structured for everyone, instead of tailor made for one.



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