Sunday, 21 August 2011

Experience the Old World Charm of the Canadian Rail


You’ll typically start with Canada Rail Tours, which will take you through Western Canada, allowing you to take in the countryside of Alberta and British Columbia. Traveling by rail has always inspired people due to the romantic nature of the experience. 
The sounds of the train slowly winding through the mountainous peaks of the Rockies and the eloquent writer, conveniently nestled in the back of the train car, penning a lovely poem or novel, clinking his spoon on his teacup. Your rail tour will typically end in Vancouver, where you will prepare to step aboard the last leg of your journey to Alaska. 
 It was just a week ago that I mentioned to all of you about experiencing a different side of Canada, what with their rich 19th century Old West heritage. Staying on dry land and trekking through the Canadian Rockies in search of wildlife and lush vegetation seems like a wonderful holiday for any backpacker. Yet, there are times that we want to immerse ourselves in luxury. Be waited on for every meal and never have to make our bed or clean the towels. Purchasing package holidays to Canada are the perfect way to tightly wrap every inch of what we love about Alaska and Canada, into the perfect vacation. 
You’ve had ample time to prepare your legs for the sea as you embark on one of the many luxury cruises to Alaska. You’ll head south to the Seattle's winter wonderland and experience all the enchanting shops and delectable restaurants in town. From there, you will re-board your luxury cruise and head towards the North Western American coastline, where Southern Alaska lines the Inner Passage and the landscape of the Alexander Archipelago.

While in Alaska, you get to experience some of the most mesmerizing creatures in the world, including the narwhal, which many fisherman years ago believed was some sort of unicorn from the sea.
Personally, it’s been over 15 years since I had the chance to experience the snow white peaks of the Rockies or the abundant sea life of Alaska, however this package from Canada to Alaska seems all too inspiring to pass up.



Emm said...
22 August 2011 at 00:22  

What an incredible post!!! I learned about the Canadian railway in school and have always wanted to visit there. The rail journey sounds especially alluring and imagine it must be one of the World's most beautiful rail journeys. I'm going to add this post to my places-to-visit list (kind of like a to-read list for travel).

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