Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Travel to the Ming Tombs


John Smither writes,  the site of the Ming Tombs are just 50 kilometres from central Beijing and easy to reach by tourist or local buses or a combination of train and bus. By far the easiest option is the tourist buses, bus 925 runs every 30 minutes from Deshengmen direct to the site from 7.10 am, the last bus returns to Beijing at 7.10 pm.

Thirteen of the seventeen emperors from the Ming Dynasty are buried in what is known as the 13 tombs. Only two of the tombs excavated are open to the public, Dingling and Changling. Changling was the first of these to be opened to the public in 1958 after a two year period of renovation.

Read the Top Attractions in Beijing: The Ming Tombs By John Smither



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