Saturday, 9 April 2011

Scrubs: The Modern Travel Essential


Name one item you can't live without when you travel. Mine would be scrubs. No, they're not just used for nurses uniforms or by medical technicians anymore, nor do they have to be drab or unremarkable. In fact, a scrub can be stylish and quite comfortable, and I've always thought they make much better traveling attire than those dusty old sweats in the third draw of my dresser. I've been wearing them ever since I owned my restaurants instead of chef pants, since chef pants tend to be so restricting and unbearably hot. Not to mention, their about $12.00 more reasonable and they're made much better.

When I traveled to Gatlinburg a few months ago with the family, I  packed about three pairs of women's scrubs. Of course, I've had the same trusty black pair which I've been wearing for more than nine years now. They have that perfectly fitted feal to them what with their sans designer stitching on the pockets and with white drawstring at the waist, vs. the color-coordinated tie that comes with our Original scrub bottoms. It's amazing how long things last when you take care of them, but it's even more impressive that a pair of pants I purchased years ago still remain my favorite staple item for traveling.

What's yours?



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