Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Travel Destinations in Arizona


Whether you are planning to have an Arizoan getaway either at a resort, go on a shopping spree for arts and crafts, or just delighting in its natural landscape beauty, Arizona’s outdoors lifestyle would leave you regenerated.

The Westward Look Resort, situated on 80 acres in Tucson, Arizona’ s lavish Sonoran Desert, is perfect for those searching for a tranquil escape. This fresh and clean region has an amazing assortment of plants, birds and wildlife. Delight in horseback riding, bird observing, hiking, and swimming on the resort, plus enjoy golf and mountain biking around. The resort’s suite-sized lodgings, with design cues inspired by the bordering Sonoran desert, provide spectacular panoramas of the mountain ranges, desert, the city, and some suite extend private outside hot tubs.

Travel Destinations in Arizona By Athena Goodlight

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