Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dive Sites in the Indian Ocean


Peter Bilton, an expert in South Asia travel, introduces us to the world of great dive sites in the Indian Ocean.

With an average minimum water temperature of 68°F, low salinity and a huge variety of aquatic life, the Indian Ocean has some of the worlds most ideal and spectacular locations for recreational scuba divers. Nosy Tanikely is an island off the north coast of Madagascar that is situated in an archeological preserve, called Nosy Tanikely Marine Park. Nosy Tanikely, which means Tanikely Island, is only a 10 minute journey by boat from the mainland and is surrounded by many other islands.

Divers enter the ocean from the main beach which is located on t... Read Peter's article about Great Dive Sites in the Indian Ocean: Nosy Tanikely, Madagascar and Ari Atoll, the Maldives



Mama Mia said...
5 September 2010 at 20:22  

i thought my daughter would never stop staring at the monitor! she came out from behind me & saw this post. she just looooooves scenes of fish swimming in the ocean. i think this photo also reminded her of dory in the disney movie, nemo.

anyway, i was finally able to distract her by blowing bubbles :) Godspeed!

portraits art said...
7 September 2010 at 05:58  

A wall dive. Entering from the boat you drop down to 14 m along a small coral reef on the slope. To the right runs a wall (depth over 40 m), to the left the small coral reef continues, with hard, soft and table corals, (maximum depth 24 m). The marine life is excellent with the occasional turtle, tuna, parrotfish, barracuda, angelfish, scorpion fish, butterfly fish, sweetlips and many kinds of triggerfish. Conditions are generally easier here than at The Canyon but you can still expect to encounter surge and sometimes strong down currents. On the gentle slope at northeast Tepekong is a small, shallow (10 m), semi-protected, rocky reef with bommies.

best dive resorts said...
21 November 2010 at 05:18  

wow.. can't say to anything else.. those nemos are beautiful.

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