Monday, 16 August 2010

Travel To The City of Bordeaux


Guest Blurb By Francois Hagnere

Image Via camelaught

The opening and monumental embellishment of the town of Bordeaux desired by the Intendants in the XVIIIth century entailed the dismantling of numerous medieval gates, in all 14 that had become obsolete. This happened in spite of the Juries’will for whom the condition of enclosed and protected town was very important. But the City turned her back to the River and the ramparts constituted a real obstacle for economic development.



portraits art said...
26 August 2010 at 05:11  

wow ! Beautiful city ! the is amazing ! Thanks for picture.

portraits art said...
26 August 2010 at 21:50  

very beautiful ! shot i like it

portraits art said...
7 September 2010 at 05:56  

i think it is the world beauty city.

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