Saturday, 24 July 2010

Travel To The Halifax Yacht Club in Daytona Beach, Florida


For some much needed rest and relaxation, Kelly and I headed over to the Halifax Yacht Club in Daytona Beach, Florida to spend the day with Captain Brian and his first mate Chris.

Captain Brian's yacht embodies luxury with three floors total including sleeping quarters with two double beds, a full kitchen and living room, sitting area with a full bar on the second level, wrap around seating on the top floor where Captain Brian navigated, and the lower floor with wave runners and tubing gear attached.

My fiance spent the day relaxing and I spent the day tubing at 35mph. My arms are tinted a nice blush and I can hardly hold a cup of tea. It was a good day!

History of the Halifax Yacht Club

The Halifax River Yacht Club was founded in 1896 in Daytona, Florida when the town was less than 20 years old and the area was still considered alligator territory. America was growing fast, and most of the country outside of Daytona was experiencing the Industrial Revolution.

In the history book The Reckless Years, the author tells about America in the 1890’s when such magnates as Morgan, Carnegie, and Rockefeller were in their prime and enjoyed the luxury of a sport call “yachting”. Read the entire History of Halifax Yacht Club

Photography in the Inlet of Daytona Beach, Florida (Trip to Halifax Yacht Club)

Video of Our Day Spent on the Water

Photography By the Author Lauren Axelrod



Richard Wing said...
25 July 2010 at 16:22  

Looks like y'all had a great day from the vid. Yeah, I miss Florida so much. What a great boat fashioned with all the fine luxuries for a day of great fun on the water. That is some fast cruising on the tube. Awesome pics, too. Fun and cool post, Lauren. Cheers!

mama mia said...
1 August 2010 at 03:56  

I've been on a yacht before but it wasn't as grand and big as you described. It was the birthday party of a relative and so I didn't spend the night. Hmmm...this post just gave me an idea to include spending a full day and night on a really nice yacht as part of my wish list. I just hope I don't get seasick :)

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