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Travel to the Wilczy Szaniec"Wolf's Lair" in Poland


Wolfs Lair - 2 DVD BOXThe ruins of the Wolf's Lair (Wilczy Szaniec), are all that remain of Adolf Hitler's WWII headquarters near Ketrzn in the Mazurian region of Poland, now a museum.

The Wolf's Lair consisted of a complex of buildings and a nearby airfield situated on 67 acres of woodland. There are seven massive concrete bunkers measuring in some areas 26 feet high. Although hidden in the woods, Hitler still believed it wasn't enough. As history shows, he was extremely suspicious of anyone around him, and he had right to be. He urged his followers to safeguard the site even more by way of artificial greenery suspended on wires and protected by rings of barbed wire and a minefield.

On June 21, 1941 Adolf Hitler arrived at the Wolf's Lair ( Wilczy Szaniec) and started to set up his WWII headquarters. He directed much of the war from this very location behind heavily fortified and guarded walls. He moved around as little as possible, however he was still the subject of an assassination attempt on June 20, 1944.

A group of senior Nazi officers, including Claus von Staffenburg, attended a meeting at Wilczy Szaniec with Hitler. Staffenburg had a bomb in his briefcase, and when it went off, four officers were killed, Hitler however suffered minor injuries. All those involved, close to 5000 individuals, were arrested and two hundred were executed.

Adolf Hitler left the Wolf's Lair in November, 1944. The Wilczy Szaniec fortress suffered major damages from explosions, set by the Germans using a single plunger, whom triggered the built in detonation system to prevent the Soviets from utilizing the complex.

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ds card said...
29 June 2010 at 07:21  

To reach the site follow the sign for the wolfschanze camping.... you won't find any 'official sign'. By the way, the camping is in the area... we didn't stop there but it seemed nice.

The Ancient Digger said...
29 June 2010 at 15:23  

Camping in the area? I think that would actually creep me out being that close to the site.

Richard S. Wing said...
1 July 2010 at 14:11  

Hitler went to great lengths to fortify himself as displayed within the pics and description of the lair. Paranoid, delusional and quite insane, Hitler is such a fasniating study in history. Yet, diabolical and murderous. This lair and region would probably creep me out, too.

The Ancient Digger said...
1 July 2010 at 22:36  


Even in the darkest of hours, Hitler still fascinates and excites me. I think he knew everyone, for the most part, were out to get him before he did any further damage.

Richard Wing said...
17 July 2010 at 18:58  

Yeah, Lauren. Me too. Hitler and the Nazi's were so convoluted and intertwined with deep history in technology, automotive history, occultism, science, photography and so much more. Obviously the Holocaust being the worst of it all. I really am fascinated as well. Such a beautiful region, though. The photos reflect the greenery within nature and the backdrop for the sinister Hitler and this assassination attempt. If that brief case was a bit closer, it might have done the job. Speculating, I think senior officers knew Hitler had gone insane and they thought just maybe the Allies would negotiate or even let them end the war if Hitler was eliminated, but with no penalty or war tribunal. It would have never happened in my opinion. The Allies were too determined and the Third Reich had to be toppled and the remaining had to be eliminated in the end. Great post, Lauren.

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