Saturday, 26 June 2010

Travel to a Cocaine Farm


This is hardly my idea of a luxurious vacation, but for only $5.00, the Lonely Planet crew was able to the see the cocaine making process by one local farmer in Sierra Nevada, Colombia. Although it seems like a daunting process for such a deadly drug, it is the only way this farmer can support his family.

So, do we support the small business owner or allow the consumer, us, to continue to support the military soldiers and  guerrillas murdering families if they don't produce what the consumer wants?



Richard Wing said...
27 June 2010 at 17:02  

Unfortunately, this is a serious issue creating bigger problems for the citizens/farmers of Columbia and surrounding countries. The US feels the affects as well with this scourge on Americans, as cocaine use has become an epedemic among our youth, not to mention all of the related violence. Compelling video and important social awareness post.

Emm said...
30 June 2010 at 02:29  

The only way I'd be going on a tour like that would be to sabotage it somehow. I agree with richard that it is a very serious issue and I am 100% against the drug trade.

The Ancient Digger said...
1 July 2010 at 16:08  

@ Richard and Emm

I'm not sure I even like the Lonely Planet take on this. It was so nonchalant, like it's just acceptable.

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