Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lucerne: Switzerlands First City


From time to time, I like to feature travel articles from some of my closest blogging buddies on the net. I met Lucas Die probably over a year ago on a writing site and he always puts together the most educational and interesting pieces on travel destinations.

The city of Lucerne in Switzerland was founded before the year 1200. Before that, there had been the monastery of St. Leodegar founded by local Alemannic nobility and endowed by the Carolingian Kings. The monastery formed part of the Abbey in Murbach in the Alsace. Murbach in turn became part of the Habsburg family goods in 1135. In 1291, King Rudolf of Habsburg bought St. Leodegar and its lands from the Abbey in Murbach.
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Richard Wing said...
4 June 2010 at 15:13  

Great showcase for Lucas. Awesome photos and awesome travel destination with deep history. Cool post and article, Lauren.

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