Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Quality Accomodations in Prague


While many travellers opt to stay in private residences and rented condos for extended stays in Prague, some prefer the luxurious amenities of Prague's finest boutique hotels. Nestled on the historic streets of Prague lie some of the most elegant and charming accommodations, created for the most creative of minds. If a luxury hotel in Prague is what you seek, than there's no better place than Pachtuv Palace Prague. Imagine sleeping in a hotel, designed in the Art Nouveau fashion,  where Mozart may have roamed, and possibly composed some of his greatest work.

This particular hotel boasts exquisitely designed frescoes, vaulted chapel ceilings, sculptures, and elegant fireplaces for those special romantic evenings.  The suites are individually designed, many with views of Prague Castle, which is said to be the largest ancient castle in the world, and dates back to the 9th century.

One reason I'm familiar with this castle is because a friend of mind stayed quite close to it on a recent trip, and toured the halls of this architecturally superior structure, where the Kings of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperors precided.

Pachtuv Palace Prague is not the only quality hotel Prague I'm familiar with, however. In fact, an instructor of mine taught ESL classes in Prague several years ago, and she stayed at the Mamaison Hotel Riverside during her time there. Quite lofty accomodations for an instructor, but she couldn't help but brag about the atmosphere, and not to mention its reputation as being the best hotel in Prague.

One of the main reasons why I love this hotel is because it was created for everyone. Leisure or businesses travellers can enjoy this hotel, which is situated perfectly near the airport,  and also near Pragues's famous cultural attractions, like Prague Castle.  Not one, but both of these hotels just recently won the coveted 2013 Traveller's Award from Trip Advisor, and Mamaison Hotel Riverside Prague was voted Hotel of the Year by Czech Hotel Awards.

Travelling to Prague has been on my bucket list for years, and I hope that I will soon be able to cross it off the list.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Memorable Moments in Mexico: Top 3 Activities and Attractions


Sometimes splurging a little on a your summer sojourn is completely necessary. After a year of putting the hours in at work and the monotony of your daily routine, busting the budget on a holiday is just what the doctor ordered.

Luckily, Mexico is the answer to your destination dreams, with plenty of affordable flights and nights available on discounted holiday websites (
Whichever resort you choose to stay in during your time in Mexico, you are never too far out to make the most of the region's wide range of excursions. Combining ancient ruins with contemporary attractions, Mexico provides a real eclectic mix of entertainment, both on sunrise and after sunset.

1. For the cultured souls, the ruins of Coba and Tulum are an incredible opportunity to take a step back in time, and take a look at the remains of the last Mayan civilisation. Dating back as far as 1200, a guided tour of the temples is an opportunity not to be missed. Should you get time, take a look at Tulum beach – a protected shoreline to encourage the nesting of sea turtles.

2. Injecting a good dose of contemporary action into your holiday, a night at Coco Bongos, in the heart of Cancun, should most definitely be worked into your agenda. With live acts, impressive lasers and the most electrifying club experience you will ever witness, this is after dark entertainment like you’ve never seen it before.

3. Nestled within the Riviera Maya, Xcaret is a fun day out for all the family. This eco archaeological park gives visitors the chance to swim with dolphins, and get up close and personal with other example of native wildlife.

Take the trip of a lifetime, and make your next getaway an adventure in Mexico. Make memories that will last a lifetime.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Clubbing Holidays 2013: Malia Madness


There’s nowhere as cool in the Med right now than Malia. It’s been up and coming for years on end - it has its loyal RnB fans that flock back year after year, but Malia has really hit the big time over the last few years. It’s definitely coming up fast, fighting Ibiza for the King of Clubbing crown.

The best bet if you want to get away for a week of pure party rocking pleasure, is to book your break with a clubbing holiday specialist. It makes sense. Take a look online at Malia holidays from Club 18-30 (, these guys put other tour operators to shame.

You want to be around likeminded peeps, you want to party with the folks that know how and you want in on the discounted deals that make your getaway even more affordable. As well as themed events, daytime debauchery and plenty of wristband lovin’, you’ll jet home with a disk full of your Malia memories, cos, you know, Club 18-30 are right nice like that. But what to expect when you have a flick through that disk. Well, the picture is as you paint it. Get on Facey and ask Jim’ll Paint It, he makes all kinds of crazy shizzle go down. Whereas the settings for your shenanigans, however, well that’s all sorted.

Geek Chic parties, Dirty Love Dubstep nights, beach parties and neon raves, and we’re only tickling it. Malia is home to some of the best bars in the world. There’s something for everyone. From Camelot club, which is based inside an actual castle, to Banana club, which is as the name suggests completely bananas, you’re set for an epic adventure. The days in Malia are just as mental as the nights, with Blue Inc. pool parties, Party in the Park and the Zig Zag Boat Party to help you top up your tan, and get into the sweet swing of things each afternoon.



Tuesday, 9 April 2013

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